The Light Bulb Page; Xenon vs Halogen vs Led vs Fluorescent


The choices of light bulbs can be confusing when choosing the right kitchen lighting fixtures. Different kinds of bulbs work better in different situations. It is best to know what type of fixtures work better where before doing your kitchen lighting idea design plan.



Xenon bulbs run cooler than halogen, but run hotter than led, or fluorescent. The xenon bulb lasts longer than halogen and fluorescent, but shorter than led. Xenon's come in 120 voltage or low voltage.

120 voltage xenon lights are dimmable with a regular dimmer. Low voltage xenon lights need a special low voltage dimmer.

My favorite use for xenon is the 120 volt direct wire under cabinet lighting if your on a budget. Xenon fixtures for inside and over cabinets should be avoided because of the heat factor.



Halogen bulbs run very hot, they are made out of crystal instead of glass to take the heat. You can not handle the halogen bulb with bare hands because they cant have any oil on them. halogens can be low voltage or high voltage.

120 voltage halogen lights are dimmable with a regular dimmer. Low voltage halogen lights need a special low voltage dimmer.

I am not a fan of halogens because they run so hot. The bulbs are a little cheaper than xenon, but don't last as long. Halogens are OK in pendant lights because they are not touching anything.



Led lighting is more expensive, but the bulbs are very efficient and last a very long time often saving money in the long run.

LED lights are best used in task, or accent lighting under, over, or inside of cabinet lighting. The low heat, good light quality, very long lasting bulbs, and efficiency make LED my first choice.

There are new dimmable LED lights that work with a regular dimmer switch. I have not tried these yet. If your worried about the heat of the xenon or the halogen then use LED for your under cabinet lighting.



Fluorescent lights are very efficient, and affordable. the bulbs do not last as long as xenon.There are new dimmable fluorescent light bulbs that work with a regular dimmer switch. The few that I have tried have worked fine.

Fluorescent lighting is best used as General room lighting, or under cabinet lighting. Fluorescent bulbs can be used in any recessed, surface, pendant, or chandelier. There are lighting fixtures that are dedicated fluorescent because the use the 3 prong style bulb and not the screw in type.

If given the choice I would chose xenon or Led over fluorescent bulbs for under cabinet lighting because the light quality is a little better.


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